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Why you should ALWAYS update WordPress Versions & Plugins

Why you should ALWAYS update WordPress Versions & Plugins

When you notice a red numbered notification next to your updates tab, it means an update is needed. It could be to do with your sites themes, plugins or the overall version of WordPress.

It’s important to keep on top these as you want to get the most out of your Content Management System and protect it the best way you can.

WordPress notifications

Improved Features

We’ll start with the first and most obvious – new and improved features. It may just be a newly designed visual editor or something that makes working on your website that little bit easier.

Not every version will include a new feature but when there is, it’s a bonus for your site.

Improve Security

When the WordPress community or plugin authors release new versions, they can include new ways to enhance the security and protect your site. Although WordPress is a highly secure platform, it’s an Open Source Network which means that hackers enjoy figuring out new vulnerabilities to attack. Most hackers like to leave their mark so updates can reduce the chance of them getting in.

Reduce Bugs

Plugins and WordPress versions will never be perfect. You sometimes may come across a bug that others are experiencing too. Or maybe you don’t even realise them. But when developers pick up on them, they’ll release new versions to eliminate those bugs. This is why they are constantly being developed and improved on.

How do I update?

Once you’re logged in to the admin panel, head to ‘Dashboard’ >> Updates. A list of all your plugins and themes will appear here if they need updating.
Try not to let this number get higher and higher as you want to keep on top of them. It’s best practice to check every so often as new releases are brought out all the time.

Once all your updates are finished installing, you should have a nice clean screen like this:
WordPress updates screen

We hope you’ve found this helpful.

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