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Top tips to gain more traffic to your website

Top tips to gain more traffic to your website

If you think your new website could do with some more visitors then here are a few top tips to try:

Sign up to social media

Popular networks like Facebook and Twitter are a great starting point. They apply to any type of business and have an easy step by step signup process.
If your business is more creative or visual, then networks such as Pinterest and Instagram may suit you also as they’re a great tool to showcase your business through imagery and video.

If you’re already 1 step ahead and have yourself signed up to these accounts but are not currently doing anything with them.. then we suggest you start! It’s a great way to direct traffic back to your site and to connect with customers.

Or if you simply don’t have the time, then we offer tailored social media packages to take that off your hands.

Start blogging

Blogs/Latest News/Updates – however you want to word it. Google will love all the new content you’re adding and you’re giving your customers a chance to keep up to date with you.

A great time saver is to setup your newly published posts to automatically send to your social media accounts. A great way to quickly get your updates across all platforms instantly. If you need assistance on how to set this up then do get in touch.

Email Newsletters

Another service that we can assist you with are email campaigns.

If you have collected a substantial email list over the years then creating frequent mailshots would be an ideal route to go down. They’re great to let your customers know of a current offer/discount or to let people know what’s new. Whether you decide on monthly or weekly, it’s another way to drive traffic back to your website.

..And if you don’t have a vast email list then maybe it’s time you start building one up!

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