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Invite new users to like your Facebook page

Invite new users to like your Facebook page

A handy little trick to remember when you receive a new like on your Facebook post.

If one of your latest updates has reached a new user and they’ve engaged with it, you can encourage them to ‘Like’ your page so they can continuously follow your updates.

To do this, go to the post which has gained the links, click the link to view all the likes and you’ll notice you can click ‘Invite’ on the right-hand side. Others may already have ‘Liked’ next to theirs which means they have already liked your page.

Facebook Page Likes

This will send them a notification to the user asking whether or not they will accept your invitation.

You could also look back on your older posts and see if you can invite more people.

It’s a good simple trick to keep up with to gain new likes!

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