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Google’s New Mobile Index Update

Google’s New Mobile Index Update

Back in October, Google’s Gary Illyes announced that there would be a new Mobile Index update for Google Searches.

Currently, Google uses 1 index for all types of searches but that’s soon about to change when they roll out a new one specifically for mobiles. This means that the search engine will index and rank listings separately from the desktop one. Therefore, showing the most relevant and user-friendly content.

Why a new index for mobile?

Google are set to improve a better experience for mobile users as more searches now take place on a mobile device rather than a desktop. So there’s no surprise that they’re wanting to make this their primary index to push mobile versions of content.

Will this affect my website?

Google has already mentioned in the past, that websites which do not appear mobile-friendly will not be as successful in the rankings compared to those that do. So they’re really encouraging you to make sure your site is fit for smartphones and tablets. It would definitely give you some brownie points.

When is the new update?

Illyes stated that this update was due to roll out within ‘months’ – so we know they are still in the testing stages but it won’t be long before it’s here.

How can I find out if my website is mobile friendly?

You can simply head to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test where you’ll be able to see if it meets their requirements.

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