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Client: “Why can’t we use Segoe UI?!”

Client: “Why can’t we use Segoe UI?!”

We hear this often. Not just with this particular font but with other types too that aren’t going to work on your website. 😔

This is simply because there are only a limited font sets available that are compatible for browsers on the web.

Segoe UI for example, is a system font. Which means it will only work on desktop applications such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop.

Web fonts. however, (if you haven’t already guessed) are for the web. There are a few system fonts that are available to use such as Ariel, Georgia, Helvetica and Verdana but Segeo UI is a particular one that cannot be converted.

We know that many clients like to get their font ideas by opening up a Word Document but we suggest you take a look at Google Fonts. There are hundreds of fonts to choose from so they’ll be something to suit any style of website.

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