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Why you should ALWAYS update WordPress Versions & Plugins

Why do we have to keep on top of our WordPress updates?

Now offering – website maintenance plans!

Do you struggle to find time to keep your website up to date?

New website launched for Moksha Soul Yoga

Hurrah! Another new website launched.

Top tips to gain more traffic to your website

Every website could do with a few more visitors. Here are a few tips.

The importance of website security

Websites can be hacked, data can be lost. Lets look at ways to prevent this.

Merry Christmas!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at nineten.

Google’s New Mobile Index Update

Back in October, Google’s Gary Illyes announced that there would be a new mobile index update for Google searches.

A/B Split testing

Just like Google Adwords, it is important to test different versions of pages throughout your website. Let’s see why.

Invite new users to like your Facebook page

A simple trick that can often go unnoticed.

Client: “Why can’t we use Segoe UI?!”

We hear this often. Simply put, system fonts are not the same as website fonts. Let me explain why…

Cake Friday

This week, we were treated to these little beauties, hand made of course.

Fix WP admin bar overlapping page design

This little bit of css stops the Wordpress admin bar overlapping your page design.

A ‘mobile first’ approach to web design

As more and more people are using the internet on mobile devices, we look to design for mobile first, desktop second.

New addition to nineten

Picked up this little fella from HMV. Nice addition.